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About Culinary Teas

Culinary Teas is a small family-owned partnership that specializes in tea and tea accessories. We have a high-touch packing facility in Massachusetts.

All our teas and taste tested or cupped regularly to make sure that we are always offering only top quality teas. A tea's quality can fluctuate quite a bit from year to year and sometimes just from flush to flush depending on weather and the estates management so it is very important to taste every batch coming as it arrives. Some companies make much ado about the freshness of their teas but their improper storage or premature packaging of their tea makes young tea old before its time. We have a freshness method that we employ to make sure the tea you receive is the freshest available. We make sure that our tea gets very little oxygen and light exposure and safe from premature aging and scent contamination. Your tea is packaged after you order it so that does not spend unnecessary time sitting on a shelf and our packaging is ideal for keeping your tea fresh while you use it at home. Some other tea vendors use similar packaging but they have windows or clear areas that allow light to damage the tea.

Our professionalism doesn't just stop at the tea; we have one of the Internet's top-rated customer support rankings from Do you need help choosing a tea or need to add something to your order or need a Saturday delivery? Just give us a call and we will be happy to take the time to make sure you find your next favorite tea and that it gets to you when you need it. You may get the voice mail when you call but your call will be returned promptly and professionally. We also realize that problems can happen after your order leaves our door and we work closely with United Parcel Service and the US Post Office to make sure any problems are dealt with quickly and to your satisfaction.

In closing we just want to let you know that Culinary Teas is made up of a close knit group of professionals that will go out of their way to make you a happy customer.

Culinary Teas Team
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Culinary Teas
61 Cudworth Lane
Sudbury, MA 01776

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